Facebook Lessons and Sandpaper People

sandpaper people

Facebook has this not-so-new feature in which they show your past posts. These posts go back to when your first opened your account. For me this was around 2010. As I review my past posts, I am learning two (2) very important things about myself.  1. I don’t own Facebook. I have no control about what they save, share, or delete.  2. I was so self-absorbed and judgmental! I mean, wow! I had an opinion for

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Insensitivity on Facebook

[I]I[/I] think that the insensitivity of others affects us two ways:  we flare-up and speak-out, or we numb-up and label it as “just their opinion”. We’re all entitled to our opinions. And Facebook as proven to be a successful outlet for our unmitigated opinions. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be at the expense of others’ feelings. Part of me wants to say, “Please be mindful of others feelings when posting.” However, reality says, “Please be mindful that

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